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I had surgery 3 months ago, excision and lipo , overall i am quite happy with my results at this stage except for a large crease on my right side. It appeared maybe 2 weeks after surgery. The area around both areolas is still numb so i presume the nerves are still healing up. What are the chances of this improving over the next few months?  Or is it likely i'll need a revision further down the line ? Obviously i hope not. 


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Creases sometime appear when there has been lots of excess skin and after the underlying supporting tissues have been removed, the skin has nowhere to go so it infolds and appears as a crease.  Since you haven't posted pre-op photos, there is no way to infer that this was true in your case.

In any case, there is nothing to do at this point, when there is lots of healing going on.  Suggest you wait a few more months and then return to your surgeon to discuss.  It may get better within that time frame.

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Agree with Dr. Jacobs.  The laxity of the skin with the lack of underlying tissue support can cause a crease, but the continued tightening of the skin that occurs after the surgery may lead to improvement in the appearance.  If it doesn't improve adequately over the first year post-operatively, a secondary procedure, such as localized fat grafting might be required.  I advise my patients to wait 9 months to a year before most revisions, so you still have time to allow for improvement.  
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If left alone I think that crease will continue. I would have you massage like crazy. All directions. Try to break up the scar beneath the crease. In spite of your best efforts it still might not work. Check with your surgeon.
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Doctors thankyou. I will wait, massage and exercise and see how it is in 6 months time. 


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