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I had gland excision and lipo 1 year ago in Dec 2009. Post surgery I have been left with a crater towards the center of my chest, right above the mammary fold of my right pectoral. There is constant pain and tightness in my right chest. I asked my PS nd he casually dismissed it as "it will go away with time." I, on the other hand, am extremely worried.

The pain/tightness is becoming more noticeable with passing time. I am unable to sit and work on a desk for long durations of time without the discomfort becoming overly distracting.

Could the doctors please suggest what could be the reason behind this? Who should I go to for medical advice? Is this something to be checked out by a PS or do I approach a general practitioner? I am not so much concerned about the crater at the moment. I just want the pain to go away and have my normal life back  :'(

Would my insurance cover this?


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The pain and tightness that you describe, at one year post op, is very rare.  As a surgeon, I could hypothesize that it could be due to scar tissue, adherence of the skin to the muscle, muscle damage itself, a rare neuroma, or any other reasons.

Most of the time, these type of symptoms tend to disappear over time.  If your surgeon has no answers, then you may want to consult with a pain specialist.  Sometimes, if the situation is appropriate, the pain specialist may be able to inject the focal point of the pain with various medications -- and thereby help you.

You would have to check with your insurance company to see if they might cover any treatment.

Best of luck!

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One year later after gland excision and liposuction is unusally.  I would agree with Dr. Jacobs completely.
I always suggest going back to the plastic surgeon to explain the problem.  A second opinion is always helpful.  The tightness in the lower chest makes me think of scar tissue. This can often be treated non surgically.

Take Care
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Thank you for your replies doctor. It is comforting to know that there might be some solution possible.

Doctor Jacobs, when I said 'PS', I actually meant a plastic surgeon. ( I was not even aware that there was something as a pain specialist).

The reason I thought that the solution might concern a plastic surgeon is because I have read numerous posts online where excessive liposuction have left patients super sensitive to pain and pressure. With the fat buffer gone, I can feel any kind of slightest pressure transfer directly to my bone, and that is a very uncanny and painful feeling.

If this is true, then can this be corrected?


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