Author Topic: can this vaser overesection by caridi be fixed??  (Read 838 times)

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i had surgery for mild gyno done by the you tube guy 2 years ago
the entire right chest has been over-resected / treated
what troubles me is the side of right upper pec which collapses in when i flex? - marked in red + white
there is also a divot on the left

1.can this be fixed and how ?- man i would be so grateful for an upfront honest opinion !! thanks
2.realistically, what kind of cosmetic result can be achieved ?

(to pre-empt any questions about follow up with caridi- he told me the op was done perfectly,
my chest looks "incredible", he is a world expert, and i am the one with an expectations problem
- this is how he dealt with me, despite me being polite and respectful, non antagonistic
and he then stopped follow-up, would not reply to phone calls and emails)

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Yes, more than likely it can be significantly improved.  Be aware, though, that revision surgery is performed on tissue which has substantial scar tissue distributed under the skin, which makes the revision surgery more difficult and less predictable.

I use a combination of additional liposuction (when needed) to even out any areas of residual excess tissue (think of the mountains) and then use fat flaps to fill in the areas of depression or crater (think of valleys), with the aim of obtaining a smoother contour of the chest.

Hope this helps.

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I am sorry about your experience. I agree with Dr. Jacobs 100%.  You need a gynecomastia expert to improve your situation. Good Luck.
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At rest you look pretty good. I agree with what you see when you are flexed. Remember that the skin always bunches up a bit when the muscle is flexed. i tends to look worse as we all get older. That being said i suppose you have two options. fat grafting to raise the depressed areas or a little (conservative) liposuction to reduce the thickness of the skin above it. If you choose reduction than other non-surgical options such as Coolsculpting or Kybella can be considered
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