Author Topic: Can remaining gland be injured after lipo & excision?  (Read 2400 times)

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Hi Docs,

I am 13 weeks post op and my left side feels like it has about double the amount of gland it did before my surgery.

It was flat (almost) post op then as the weeks went by it popped up. My question is can the left over gland be injured and thus swells? note. It is behind the areola.

I remember when they were doing the lipo (before the excision) the doc was struggling to break through something in my chest with the lipo instrument and had to you alot of force.

I am a logic man and logic tells me that the left over gland over is injured as the instrument would have ripped through it and as all the gland was not removed I am in this position. - not sure if thats how it works.... would appreciate your comments.




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