Author Topic: Can i burn fatty tissues from the chest to help Surgery?  (Read 1438 times)

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Hi doctors, as i am thinking of Gynecomastia surgery and i do have some fatty tissue with glandular tissue therefore if i do have the Gynecomastia surgery i will need Liposuction and Gland Removal.

However i was wondering is there any way i could work such as doing chest excersises in order to burn the chest fatty tissues so i dont have the liposuction? I thought this would be a good idea because it will be a cheaper surgery as well as less trauma to the body.


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Most men who have gynecomastia with a fatty component find it very difficult to selectively burn fat in that area.  And indeed, the fat in that area tends to be selectively difficult to eliminate, thus the rationale for using liposuction along with excision.  Don't focus on the price--focus on the result.

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