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Hi All,

Just curious as to why more well renowned gynecomastia surgeons aren't utilizing bodytite or j plasma for skin tightening for the chest and the side chest areas. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as I am fairly lean and i still have some very mild skin laxity! 

Quick clarification: this would be in addition to liposuction!


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Just following up. Can anybody recommend a top surgeon that utilizes both liposuction/jplasma or bodytite as I have mild skin laxity and some fat.

any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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This is a good question and a hot topic now.  This technology is finding its footing whether it is really worth it or not.  The body tight is showing promise and surgeons and non-surgeons are using it more and more.  It sounds like you may be a good candidate due to minimal laxity however is the result that you receive worth the cost?  Also, J plasma is used but I am not hearing any significant results from patients. It seems to be an add-on to surgery more often. The good thing is that these procedures are relatively non-invasive and have no or minimal harm. Please report back if you have it done.
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Hi Dr.Delgado,

What I am having trouble with is finding a well recognized/respected surgeon who performs both liposuction and bodytite. Would you possibly be able to recommend anyone thats experienced with gynecomastia surgery that has access to utilize bodytite aswell??

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Thank you for your question. I can only speak for myself. The reason I do not offer these is that I am not seeing that they are superior in terms of the technique I use for skin tightening. When performing liposuction, I have developed my own technique for utilizing it as a skin tightening procedure as well. There is no need for me to introduce another device during surgery. 

I do not personally know of any gynecomastia experts who offer BodyTite or the J Plasma, so I can't offer a referral. 

Best of luck,
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