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Im quite a fit 62 year old, 75kg, I'm on no mediation and have no health problems that I'm aware of. 

2 year ago I saw my doctor as my breast where becoming larger and I was feeling tingling sensations. He visually examined me and arranged a blood test, the results of which came back completely normal (everything just about in the centre of the tolerances). He then said he didn't think I had anything to worry about and there was no reason to refer me to an endocrinologist, it was just an unfortunate distribution of fat and unlikely to develop much further.

Reluctantly I then had to tell him that my beasts were also becoming sexually aroused recently whereas I had never had any sensitivity there before. He put this down to my mind playing tricks and causing actual physical sensations, comparing it to nervousness causing butterflies in the stomach for example. I didn't go into any more detail with him but the truth is when aroused my breast do become firmer, nipples hard and the sensations are at times extremely powerful and dare I say pleasant, which I find difficult to believe is all in my mind. 

The tissue in my breast defiantly feels more lumpy than other fatty areas of my body. I dont have puffy nipples and there is no lumps directly under my nipples (I do remember having this in my youth though) in fact there is less tissue growth directly behind my nipples than surrounding them.

When I first reported this growth to my doctor 2 years ago I measured 37.5 inches across the chest, this is now 40 inches and Ive also notice a more rounded applearance lately too.

Im pretty convinced I have true gynecomastia so my question is quite simply, 

Does a normal blood result test completely rule out any possibility of true gynecomastia?


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A normal blood test does not rule out gynecomastia. What you are describing is probably andropause which is the female equivalent of menopause.  It is sometimes referred to as Low-T.  At your age of 62 this hormonal change is the second most common cause of physiologic gynecomastiaMale breast cancer also spikes at this age so a mammogram may be advised. The testosterone and estrogen ration can be altered as the testosterone gradually declines. You may want to see a endocrinologist as well and get a complete evaluation. A plastic surgeon can help with any aesthetic concerns.  Good Luck 
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I would definitely see an endocrinologist. There is a battery of about 8-9 blood tests that should done to make sure that there is not a hormonal cause of the new enlargement. Most cases of natural gynecomastia due to manopause that I have seen (many) give a more fibrofatty enlargement. The fact that you are developing hard lumps is not the usual in my experience. 
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