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Dear Doctor, I am from India and I had gynecomastia surgery on 4th April, had both liposuction and removal of glands.. Doc didnt put drain on me cos he thought it was really not necessary. I had a collection of fluid 2 weeks after and went back to him, he took a needle and just took it off..there was around 35cc of fluid on each side. it was such a relief. He suggested that there might be some more fluid deposit (8 to 10 cc ) in a week and even that will be taken off thru needle. I am feeling okay now.. but my question is, there is still swelling on my right chest.. left chest looks very good actually.. but do you think its just a swelling or there is still some fat left .. or is there any uneven result im foreseeing.. i know its too early to comment.. its not even 3 weeks after surgery.. but guys what do you think.. is this a good result.. ? am i doing okay ??


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Certainly an improvement and perhaps still swollen.

Best to wait a few more months for a more definitive evaluation.

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I would agree ,there is still considerable swelling. As Dr Jacobs mention time is your friend at the moment.
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