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Okay so, I had pubertal gyno, went away and then came back when i was 17-19years old and had it surgically removed. Its been just over a year after I had the surgery and everything was looking awesome.

I have been about 99.9% healthy the last year to say the least and working out a lot.

Now within the last month, at 21, my gyno has come back to haunt me after my surgery and I have no idea why. My regular doctor doesn't really know and an endocrinologist that I went and saw, has no idea either, saying my hormones are all normal.

I take a protein supplement, and a preworkout supplement.

I have no idea what is the underlying cause of my case and am at a dead end for help.

Here are some test results I have gotten back.

HCG: <1 mIU/ml
Alphafetoprotein: 0.5 IU/ml (0.5-5.5)

White blood cell count: 4.98 thou/mm3
Red blood cell count: 5.21 mil/mm3
Hemoglobin: 15.6 g/dl
Hematocrit: 48.7%
MCV 93.4 fl
MCH: 30.0 pg
MCHC: 32.2%
RDW: 12.5%
Platelet count: 245 thou/mm3
MPV 8.3 fl
Neut(percent): 52.2%
Lymph(percent): 38.2%
Mono(percent): 7.1%
Eos(percent): 2.1%
Baso(percent): 0.3%
ABS Neut count: 2600 cells/mm3
ABS Lymph count: 1900 cells/mm3
ABS Mono count: 350 cells/mm3
ABS Eos count: 110 cells/mm3
ABS Baso count: 20 cells/mm3

Glucose: 76 mg/dl
Urea Nitrogen(BUN): 30 mg/dl
Creatinine, serum: 0.84 mg/dl
Potassium: 5.0 mmol/L
Sodium: 141 mmol/L
Chloride: 108 mmol/L
Carbon Dioxide: 27 mEq/l
Calcium: 9.5 mg/dl
Total Protein: 7.1 g/dl
Albumin: 4.7 g/dl
Total Bilirubin: 0.7 mg/dl
Alkaline Phosphatase: 151 u/l
AST(SGOT): 27 u/l
ALT(SGPT): 32 u/l
eGFR: >=60 mL/min/1.73m2

Free T4: 1.20 ng/dl (0.80-1.76)
T3, Free: 2.9 pg/mL (2.3-5.0)
TSH: 0.65 uIU/mL (0.40-4.00)

Vitamin D: 40.1 ng/mL

Prolactin: 9.0 ng/mL (3.5-19.4)
Estradiol: <12 pg/mL (doesnt show a male range)
Testosterone: 560 ng/dl
Free Testosterone: 20 pg/mL


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Sorry to hear about your gynecomastia recurrence.  It would be helpful to see some photos of how things look at this point, and if you have photos from before the surgery and when it looked good, that might be helpful.  Sometimes, the condition is not fully corrected, and while it looks okay for a while, aging and weight fluctuations can cause "recurrence," which may just be a demonstration that resection wasn't complete.  I'm not saying that's the issue, but many of us who do a lot of gynecomastia find that surgeons who don't do the surgery frequently may not be as aggressive in their resection.

Presuming that the prior procedure was okay and you're truly seeing a recurrence, it's difficult to say what the cause would be in the absence of hormonal aberrations.  I'm curious about your pre-workout drink, since I have seen patients who used products they thought were okay, which indeed had pro-hormone contents that caused the condition to develop. 

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