Author Topic: 9 months post op using Vaser lipo only. Will the swelling improve?  (Read 93 times)

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Hey, I’m 9 months post op, had mild gynecomastia and was treated by Vaser lipo only.
My left side is still puffy and I might feel some little scar tissues under it but I’m not sure. This area still feels a little tingly.

My surgeon thinks I’m exaggerating and he doesn’t want to do a revision.
He says the swellings will improve with time but it’s almost a year since the procedure and I’m not so optimistic about it.
Can I do anything to improve that puffy look?



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This is the #1 reason for gynecomastia revision in my practice.  When liposuction-only is performed it removes the fat but leaves the gland. In many instances, the chest actually looks worse.  In addition, Vaser is very aggressive with fat removal because it uses heat. It is not swelling at this point but left behind the breast gland.  The photos are obvious. Revision surgery is required. Good luck.
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I think you most likely have reached maximal improvement at 9 months after surgery. It is possible that dense glandular tissue was not able to be removed using the VASER alone.I use VASER routinely in nearly every case and it definitely does not remove the dense glandular tissue directly beneath the nipple. This tissue needs to be directly excised. Good luck.
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