Author Topic: 6 weeks Post surgery - residual gland?  (Read 339 times)

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Hi, its been 6 weeks since surgery for my grade 2 gynecomastia (lipo and excision). While it is a vast improvement I'm in doubt whether enough gland was taken out. My surgeon said he removed 500ml of fat overall and 30g of tissue from each side. I know the amounts vary but this sounds like quite a lot.

The puffiness has gone but my chest is not flat. I dont want it totally flat and I know some gland must remain but from the front looks rounded still, almost like grade 1 gyno. Surgeon said it's just swelling but I'm skeptical and am already thinking revision might be needed. Would be really grateful for views or an opinion on whether a better result could be achieved. Many thanks in advance.


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It actually looks really good for 6 weeks. Remember there is swelling present and the result is far from final.  Try to be patient.  Good luck. 
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Thanks for replying Dr. Delgado, reassuring to get another expert's view. Not easy but I'm going to try and be patient! Thanks again 

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Please be patient.  There is swelling present.  At 3-4 months post op, please re-visit us with updated photos. We can then make some suggestions for you.

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Thank you Dr Jacob's. Yes I'm going to try and put it to the back of my mind for now. I will repost at the 3/4 month mark and see how it looks then. Thanks again

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I think it is very hard to advise without an exam to determine how thick the subcutaneous tissue is. if it is very dense you will probably need an open approach. if it is soft, liposuction might work. it the skin is too loose you might benefit from a peri-areolar skin excision. It is also too early to do any revision surgery. So you have time to get some other opinions with real consultations.
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