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Hello doctors,

I am about 4 months post op (excision and lipo) and my left nipple has become increasingly swollen over the last couple of weeks. There is a flabby (yet hard) lump under the nipple. It’s starting to show through my shirts again. When I flex pec muscle this area stays flabby. I work out I’m beginning to think I should be concerned :( here are my questions:

1. Is it possibly new scar tissue at this stage in my recovery?
2. Should I be concerned the gyno is coming back?
3. Any possible remedies for this?

I understand that I should speak with my surgeon, and I will be soon, but any insight you can offer is much appreciated. Thank you.


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More pictures attached

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The time sequence that you describe would seem to point towards the development of scar tissue.  Your surgeon would know what was done during your operation.  Assuming he left very little breast/gland tissue, then it is most likely scar tissue.  Scar tissue can be treated with appropriate injections of cortisone.

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It is highly unlikely that the glan is growing back. It is more likely that you are getting a build up of scar tissue. Massage and a possible steroid injection might work. It would also be important to make sure you have not developed a chronic fluid collection. Check in and get seen by your surgeon who shuld be better able to treat you. Good luck.
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