Author Topic: 2+ months post-op. Scar tissue or gland?  (Read 1967 times)

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I'm a little over 2 months post op and the left side, particularly around the nipple, is protruding through shirts worse than it was prior to the surgery.  This did not become apparent until about 10 days ago.

The majority of the part that sticks out is under the nipple and to the outside of the nipple, which I feel only accentuates the look that I was ultimately trying to get rid of.  I'm still left with what I would call a "breast cup."  I've been massaging it pretty rigorously for the last week but so far it hasn't really helped.  When I stretch my left arm straight into the air, you can see the mound of tissue/gland in pretty good detail and it's relatively hard to the touch.  I tried contacting Dr Jacobs today but his office is closed for the holidays.  Hopefully I can schedule something with him next week.

Based on that description what would be your best guess?  If it's only scar tissue (fingers crossed) at one point would you recommend I go in for a cortisone shot, or is there a different form of treatment I should be seeking? 


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Scars contract a bit with time.There centrifugal contraction around the areola that in my experience maximizes at one month on average. The good news ,this improves with time.The time is a bit variable from one individual to another.
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You probably have some buildup of scar tissue, which is not uncommon.  Please call my office and we will evaluate you for a possible cortisone injection.

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