Author Topic: indian actors with gyno?  (Read 8412 times)

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i think salman khan has slight gyno.. maybe becoz he used steroids for body building.. sohial khan also has a lslight case.. anyone here agree??

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i think the most natural looking actors are akshay kumar and srk...

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I have'nt come across any Indian actors who have it.
I watch very few hindi films, of what i know salman, akshay or sohail don't have gyne. Their chest is natural looking imo.

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  • I wish.....damn Gyne
Sohail khans got it awright!!!
Salman..I dont think so!!!
Many important people have it....but noone notices!!!
The basic thing is its all abt attitude!!!
I have a friend ..whose got gyne(Somewhat mild.. yet easily visible)..but he never bothers to stay on his shirt at a beach or a cocktail party at home!!!
 Being at his home w/o shirt feels he never notices mine...and considers it normal..he never even looks at it!!!
We cook together..have a few drinks..even go swimming in the nearby river.
I personally think that swimming reduces pseudogyne...Its from my experience!!!
I shed a lot of fat on the chest due to swimming.
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    Our Deeds Make The Man Within Us.

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yup. the tissue stays though... salman has it... look carefully..he is so full of muscle, its hidden absolutely.. lwatch "Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya" you will notice..:)


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