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dear friends,most probably this will be my last mail in this forum due to multiple reasons.
i was following this forum for the last few years/infact decided to go for the surgery after going thro different posts.
based on reading posts/after getting the bad result/searching more about this issue in detail i can add these final few tips.

1.although i am more wiser after my incident/this forum review mislead me.i am from bangalore ,this forum used to suggest only dr anantheshwar from manipal as the best surgeon,now down the line more and more people are getting complications like crater/however no effort from anyone to document the result [i do not have any photos]i sincerely urge readers to have a album or anything to document the results[consistent,good result in majority]
however i think in india the docotrs also not very keen on documentation/everyone is showing one photos.infact the person supplying the pressure garment is asking why everyone is undergoing one surgery first from dr anantheswar and after 2 years from dr naveen rao.
2.never go by one review/never go by appearence/good talk etc,only documented good photo review will help. a good plastic/cosmetic surgeon again by documentation.[i got a bad result from manipal,indeed done by a plastic surgen] not go by google adds/just dial adds etc/who ever is more paying for the adds,they will put them as best for example dr venkatesh from bangalore.
5.try to learn more about the process of surgery your self/do not bother much about experience/offcourse important for the recovery. india like other country also ent surgeons[from pune],gynecologists[dr jayashee,bangalore ]etc are doing surgery.better to select good plastic surgeon.
7.inspite of reading this forum for few years /i do not have any courage to suggest anyone becuase the drawback of this forum is lack of documentation of the results for a particular surgeon.if one write a good experience everyone will go there[like me to manipal] not select a cheap surgeon,smae time not very expensive also[expensive surgeons will not have anything extra]
i thank this forum/readers for a wonderful experience


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I also did a big mistake of approaching Dr M S Venkatesh for a surgery. 

Please find my feedback below and request you all to dont repeat the same


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