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I went for a consultation with Dr. Deepak KL yesterday at Apollo Hospital (Adj to IIM & Wockhardt), OPD-2.

To my surprise, He quoted Rs. 32000 (US$ 760) for the entire liposuction + gland removal + stay in general ward (2-3 days) + pre & post operational procedures (including all the preliminary blood tests, etc and medicines, drugs, etc). The only extra cost is Rs. 2000 for compression vest. This is, in my opinion, extremely inexpensive in Bangalore.

Procedure is Tumescent Liposuction + Gland excision, followed by 1-3 days of hospitalization. Most of the patients do not require hospitalization at all, they can go home the same day of surgery.

If you chose to stay in semi private ward (shared by 2 patients), the cost goes up by Rs. 8000 (Rs. 40000). For a private ward, the cost is Rs. 48000. This is a "liposuction package".

I was wondering, Apollo being a corporate hospital, how come it's so inexpensive... And Dr. Deepak KL seems to be very experienced doctor. He showed me only one picture of post-op for gynecomastia.

( - My pre op pictures and details about Venkat Charmalaya, Bangalore)

Please share your thoughts!

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Surgery on 8th July 2008 under Dr. Deepak KL @ Apollo - Bangalore, India.
Liposuction + Gland excision. Cost - US$ 775 (Rs. 32,200 INR)

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Everything seems to be OK..

I will fix an appointment for the surgery soon.

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Yes he seems to be good.

But Im not sure how skilled his hands are in Gyne as he hasnt performed gyne surgeries as many as Dr.Anantheshwar has ...thats for sure.
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