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Hey guys just wondering through experience and knowledge and reputation who are some great surgeons within New Delhi area or not to far.

Please leave names and abit of feedback if possible thanks heaps ! ;D


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Hie, I came across your post bit late but if you get this then I think it might help u. 
I am recomending two surgeons especially for gynecomstia. 

The one who did my operation and I consider him best is Dr. Sunil Choudhary , At Max Hospistals (Vasant Kunj).
Here is his profile along with his team who will operate. Norally there are Two Senior Surgeons and 4 young Surgeons and  in the team that operates on you(total 6) . The apporch is very profestional and tge entire process is explained in advance and if any concern is there it is raised beforehand. I hade grade 2 (full gynecomstia) and was overwieght (97Kg and 190 cm height -6ft) . Post op check after a week the results were fantastic, only word I can see. No breast , full flat chest, no puffy niples. Skin properly retracting. So I am very satisfied with him . 
Second One is Dr R K Kazanchi, he too is a very reputed doctor who headed plastic surgery department in AIIMS and is now with Medanta. 
The Surgery by Dr. Kazanchi is cheaper upto 50% and he he more experienced too. 
He does his surgery in Medanta Guroan which was tge only reason I opted for Dr Choudhary. Here is his profile do chek it .
Wish You All The Best 


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