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Right now i'm sOOOO mad.
I decided i won't care about my gyno anymore.
About a month ago i thought it was only fat and i DIDN'T care about this. I play in a band and at the gigs i even played shirtless and jumped all around stage and whatever. And nothing happened to me. Actually there have been a few times people laughed about this.
I can even count this people. i can tell you  :D only 6 people . I don't remember what they said..but it was about a year ago.
But i'm the kind of person that says "i don't care what other people says" i don't care if they told me fat, or that i had a large nose, emo or whatever.
Not even my girlfriends ever noticed something.
The last month i discovered "gynecomastia" i looked in the internet and everyday i felt more related to this. This month i've playing in the gigs with a jacket, looking for undershirts to wear and thinking that everybody noticed my chest.
but WHY?! i have like 2 years with this and i NEVER care about this.
I decided i won't think about gyno again in my life! i'm only 16 years old, i'm young! and i spend years without problems or people laughing .
Before discovering gyno i never felt embarrassed. it's stupid.
And well, i was new here but i'm leaving FOR EVER.
if this resolves by itself it's alright. if it doesn't i wont care because i never felt embarrassed because of this.
And if i can do it you can too ;)
Tomorrow i will take some pictures of my gyno and show them to you.


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I will simply echo the previous post... be yourself!  It has worked for me from adolescence thru age 52.  What happens to you?  The future is yours.

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Now you know that you have something that actually has a name. Have you also realized that the number of us who have this condition at one time or another in our lives is huge?

If it was not a big deal before, why is it a big deal now?

Let some time pass, if it truly bothers you then either hide it or get rid of it. Many of us have found that we can live with it and it is not a big deal.

As one who has had the condition for a very long time, I can tell you that simply growing up made it less important.

Dan    Age 72
Grandpa Dan

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titmouse u say we are the weird ones? the reason why this is big now cause people are suffering in silence

before i had the internet and information on this  site. i always wandard what the hell was goin on. i mean who do u ask, where do u get info from if it werent for the internet.

this site has explained in depth to be fair the reason behind gyno and what can be done about it.

this guy is only sixteen and i guess he is only now feeling the pressure of society. he has years to either live with this as u say or to do something about it.
for the older members on here i can totally agree they might not see the need for surgery. but as he is only young his outlook on life and things will be alot different to older members. hence playing in a band on stage may be hard!

 once discovering that i had gyno became even more self conscious about it. but i think that is because i want to get rid and know there is an option. also he says know he feels he has to hide when he is on stage. well i guess thats what gyno does to us all, takes away confidence 


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With the advent of the internet and the free access to information that it provided; I was in hopes that conditions such as ours would be better understood and more easily accepted.

The truth is that bad information proliferates just as fast as good information and many young men are presented with unrealistic examples of what is "normal."

There was a case a few years back in Australia where a Cosmetic Surgeon reported an upsurge in young women who wanted their genitals surgically altered to look like those of women depicted in some Pornographic Magazines. The irony was that the magazine pictures had been air brushed and did not actually depict normal genitalia at all.

Our young men see examples of men who have either been surgically altered or who have had their muscles developed all out of proper portions by steroids etc. These false images have been widely accepted as the "ideals" which is a total falsehood.

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you don't have this mistake as you can take your t-shirt off ...
your only 16 and you have a big chance ... the gynecoamstia will be resolved its self ... don't worry
my prayers for you bro


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