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I'm glad you are happy with your Gyne allen, but a Paedophile is not a fetishist! A paedophile is a criminal and probably a psychopath - hardly the same as somebody who likes whips and chains is it?  ::)

Point of correction here:

As said, a pedophile is a criminal and probably a psychopath.  But a fetishist is not someone who necessarily likes whips and chains.  That would be a saddo/masochist (probably more a saddist, and less masochist).  A fetishist is someone who gets sexual pleasure out of an in-antimate object.

So, a gyno sufferer is none of the above, unless he wears a bra for sexual pleasure, in which case he would be a fetishist.

Anyone can correct me if they think I'm wrong, but you should look it up first.

sorry tis a bit off topic but would that mean a girl who uses a dildo is a fetishist? Pregnant women is considered a fetish as well as people who like prostitutes these are all animate. Anyway Back ontopic all power to you if you have accepted your gyne but it doesnt mean people who havent and do have a really hard time with it should be judged and patronised it can cause some people severe depression thanlfully although i have not accepted it im far to laid back to care that much although i do intend to get it sorted out


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