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So yesterday i was sitting talking with my boss about one of my underling's attitude. 
Whilst sitting cross armed (mostly to support the maamms, I shifted in my seat in an odd way and my arms shifted upward and (because I didn't have on a bra) rubbed them harshly which caused some discomfort and I winced sharply. 

She asked me what was wrong, and i sheepishly told her about gynecomastia. 

She looked at me oddly and then I said.... "man boobs"...

She chuckled and then we compared notes for a bit. 

sometimes you never know who will just shrug it off and move on. 


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I don't expect there are very many people who haven't noticed men with fleshy chests.  I know the women with whom I've been honest about gynecomastia have all be understanding.  One of them even made a bit of a joke about it, telling me to stay away from her lingerie drawer.  If we can find a bit of humor in what has for most of us been a trying journey, I say glory, hallelujah.  This is funny for sure.  Thanks for sharing it.

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I had lots of "jokes" in school, but once everyone grew up there have been no comments directly to me.
If the bra fits, wear it.


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