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The onset of Gyno leaves most of us wrapped up in  some sort of identity crisis, conflict of feelings  and the inevitable "to wear or not to wear the obvious garment" + non supportive partners.

I just wonder if we need to realise and address how our partners feel. ? Embarrassment, Us no longer being the man they married, Wondering what their friends might think of them if associated with a "crossdresser" (I use that term here as meaning someone who needs to cross the aisles in shops to find comfort - usually bras).

In my own journey, I realised and addressed some of these issues with my wife who among other things even thought bra wearing might turn out to be a weird journey of mine that might result in a protracted end to our marriage.

There were a few days of relative silence punctuated by supplementary questions - result , as I have shared elsewhere on the forum, is probably one of the most supportive partners on this forum as far as I can judge.

Just a thought for you to chew over

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Wondering what their friends might think of them if associated with a "crossdresser" (I use that term here as meaning someone who needs to cross the aisles in shops to find comfort - usually bras).
Nothing wrong with your use of crossdresser here.  I suspect a lot of people would jump to the conclusion that a man wearing a bra is wearing it for some sort of kink (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)  I know that one of my fears is someone discovering and coming to that conclusion.  If someone were to find out, I'd like to be able to tell them why instead of letting their imagination run wild.

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I was older when this developed.  The only issue that came up up without saying anything, my wife would not let me wear T shirts out anymore and discarded all I had.  I knew why but went along with it and now wear loose fitting polo shorts

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My other half, outside the irritation that her Viking type Arnold chested man wasn't going to be that way, and given her cup size, she mostly decided to be a bit flippant about it at first then just kinda ignores it. 

She wasn't happy about any of it and still isn't, and thinks that it is COVID weight. 
But it started well before then.   So now I gingerly talk about bra types on occasion and share pics of unique bras from Pinterest.  Seems to keep the tension level down. 

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This topic is the creme de la creme of my bra want and bra can. My chest was fairly all man when I met my wife I had slight budding and over the course of a few years I have developed to a fairly mild b cup. While when standing they aren’t hanging off my body so in that position I’m ok but leaning over or sitting or crossing an arm over my chest it’s quite apparent I have grown boobs. And while I don’t care if they become a D cup and have grown quite proud of my chest and no longer wear tank tops under my shirts to help compress or wear thicker t shirts and. Wear my thinner t shirts again that I’ve mainly been against cause of how my chest projects out. I just quit caring. 

Though my concern is always now as they have grown and kept growing slowly but surely to a larger size. Is, is my wife going to be embarrassed when we teach our kid to swim. Will she be ok if she finds my sports bras for running and I explain why, will she believe me that idk why they are growing and given all signs of health otherwise are ok I quit caring of going to a dr, or will she be a bit ashamed and ask me to keep my shirt on outside and in the bedroom etc. 

The conversation I want to have is greatly wanted but I just can’t it’s embarrassing to self contrary to being secure with my boobs simply cause I as a man just can’t find the balls to address how her man has boobs growing and feeling more than before a bra is a wanted option. 


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There is only one way, that is to start.
One small step, but O what a leap.
Tell her how you feel, tell her why you need a bra. Keep the start very short, 2 maybe 3 bullet points then how she feels and......listen, listen, Listen.
It may be that the wait for the response may be a day or so.

As far as dealing with the children there is only one way  .... together.  You could use this concern about and for the children as an opener. It would be very unusual for the concern not to be mutual.

It does take courage and don't forget to give "processing time". In my experience it is 1000% worth it.

Good Luck
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Yeah. I have boobs but not balls apparently lol I can’t stomach the idea of mentioning it to her. I don’t think she’d be taken back or bewildered by it but I do think it would just be too awkward and at a mild b cup I don’t feel they are noticeable to a point of look at these and tell me I don’t need something to support or keep in place. Maybe when we are intimate again she will see how they’ve grown but yeah I’m just not overly concerned yet just would be nice. But I do appreciate the insight. At 34 I just feel weird bringing it up. And our kid is 13 months so not worried what she’d think lol but yeah would be nice. To have the discussion somehow at least brought up or given some attention to organically 


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