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With the health problems and other things that I had going on, I had significant weight gain. I am working to correct that part of it. My question was for those that had after loosing the weight, do you get back close to the size you were before the weight gain? I understand that there is a lot of variables that goes with it. Just trying to get an idea of what I am in for and where things may settle.


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Everyone is different and depending on how much weight and how many times you go up and down. I can only relate my experience. 
Having pubestant gynecomastia, I was already storing fat in traditional female places such as breasts and mid section and to a lesser extent rear. In my mid 20s I started a rollercoaster gaining and losing weight trying to hide my breasts. I have done this about 5 times in my life gaining on average of 60 to 100 lbs each time. Everytime I lost I seemed to retain more weight in my breasts. I started out around a 36B in my earlier 20s before I gained weight. I am now 38DD after losing 100 lbs in the last 3 years. This rollercoaster gaining and losing has caused other issues more worrisome than breasts. But the weight gain was driven in a foolhardy attempt to hide my girls. Gynecomastia is basically a harmless condition when gaged against heart attack and stroke. Both of which I was on a collision course with. Faced with death or a bust, the boobs won that one.

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Prior to my weight gain, I did not have any boobs.  Then I gained weight and at my heaviest was at 295lbs (6'5)  Stayed there for a couple years.  I had man boobs when I was that heavy, but for the most part, they looked just like it was just fat.  As I've lost weight (now at 235) my belly has shrunk, my butt has shrunk, my face looks thinner, but my breasts...  While they've probably shrunk, they've shrunk at a much slower rate than the rest of me, and their shape has changed from mounds of flab to looking like smaller female breasts.  They are definitely more prominent now as they stick out a bit further than my belly.

Despite the boobage, I am happy to have lost the weight and hope to lose some more.
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My story is very similar to JohnDoe’s except the gain loss range was more to the 40 to 60 pound range. My peak though was 295 in my 20’s, now at 225 at 61 they are bigger than ever! Makes it hard to continue to lose weight because while I can hide my breasts now I’m a little leery of hitting my goal of 200. Would the stored estrogen in my fat cause a growth spurt? I’ve lost over 15 pounds so far with no change on  my chest, maybe even a little bigger. I have measurements now to monitor. Health over boobs though? John’s right, health wins out.


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