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You make good points and that is good advice, but I also think you are too hard on yourself. It’s very difficult being male, yet looking in the mirror and seeing large female breasts on your chest.  And, sounds as if you are like me, having wider hips and a bigger, round, backside. Just like women do, you have to deal with breasts  jiggling and bouncing and nipples poking through your tops.  Of course, it is going to challenge yours and your partner’s sense of your masculinity. 

Yes, it would’ve been good for both you and her if you had been able to accept and use her gift.  It was thoughtful, generous, and open minded of her. And when somebody gives a gift, they love to see it appreciated, used, and that it was appropriate. Even better if the receiver shows genuine joy in receiving and clearly enjoys using the gift. I think that easily could’ve been the case, if you had just been able to let yourself.    I also agree it was likely would have made the two of you closer, and who knows where your relationship would be now.

Even so, that did not give her license to while still married to you, start enjoying an intimate relationship with a man, no matter how much more pleasure she got from it and how much more sexy it made her feel.  She should’ve divorced you before she started up with her new ways and life and man.

But, it was caring of her to leave you all that everyday underwear of hers that she was now too adventurous to use.  Seems she remained steadfast in her view of what best suited your needs.

Wonder if she had suspicions you had been wearing her things? Did you have suspicions she had given her body to a man?  Is her man masculine, I bet he is?

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I removed what I had shared.  I hope everyone is happy now.

The rest is history.

I hope others can learn from my mistake.  Be open with your partner.  And be open with yourself.  Accept the parts of you that are changing and challenging.  Accept any help your partner offers.  And don’t be afraid to ask your partner for help or admit when you were weak or wrong.
I think everything you shared was sincere, important to you, not easy to share, and appropriate for this forum.   I am sorry you met with some narrowminded reactions that made you feel that way.   Makes me not want to participate.   Of all places, this forum should be more accepting of differences.  


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