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Hello, very new to this... I feel a little different... over 4-5 years I have noticed myself being feminized. Started shaving legs using feminine deodorants, soaps, etc. I had myself tested for low T and was borderline lowT... but now I am 58 and I recently decided to lose weight (diabetic) and start controlling diet, blood sugar etc.

All of a sudden after feeling so feminine for so long... my wife and i realized I have breasts 40 B. I worry about what's causing hormones to so drastically change my disposition and has also  femmenized my physique.

I have started wearing bras< ( my wife and I shopped for them.)  I have a few sports bras and also want some fem everyday bras for wearing in discreet situations.

I like feeling fem, and having boobs within reason is very acceptable to myself and my wife. My sex life is very improved. Surprisingly, I now like the kissing and foreplay and cuddling as much as the act itself.

I wonder what the future will hold, don't want to be a transgender, don't want to go back to my old self... I like the new me.... but...
wonder, are my breasts going to keep growing... first doc's appt. this Friday, then referral with Endo.


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Hello DeeDee, I hope that the Doctors have been able to help.

Have you found out any further as to why they started to grow, and if they will continue.

Good luck with your situation.

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Perhaps an Endocrinologist can sort things out. Your family Doctor may well be over his head with your condition.

Meanwhile, the old adage: "The only thing that is constant, Is change" once again proves to be true.
Grandpa Dan


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I didn't ever feel feminized, even though I lost my testicles 19/20 years ago (one per year). I lost the hair on my back and chest, it no longer grows on my arm pits, yep, not a bit, go figure, but I thank the good Lord above my beard never stopped growing! I have cut if off a few times, but I've had one probably 35 of my 56 years.  I had one all the years in the Navy, the years in the Army I got a pass because of special reasons, by  13/14 years old it wasn't very full  so I didn't have it and every now and then I would cut it off!

I'm now working on my "duck dynasty" beard, nice and long! Never did that before for professional reasons,  but now that I only deal with my local PD I don't care any more!

Bottom line, lost the boys, got BIG DD GIRLS, but I'm still all MAN! And I even wear a bra to support those girls!

As the song says, " there's still a gun in my truck, oh thank God  I'm still a guy"
 and my truck is a 4X4 too with the magnum V8  17" tires not a toy truck!
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Hi Deedee
I feel you have the best of all worlds. You seem happy to have become somewhat feminised,
your wife is happy with it. Best of all is that sex is great and you can enjoy some of the
more feminine side of sex as well as the masculine.
I am sad that for many men gyne is unacceptable for their masculine self image. We are all
somewhere on a scale from ultra masculine to ultra feminine. To my way of thinking, we need
to accept where we are and not fight against it.


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