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 Sounds like it was a wonderful interaction for all of you. The SA’s great service. And you were a wonderful customer.  

 They clearly felt you needed to be there getting a bra as much as any of the women customers. It is so good that over time you have come to feel about your breasts the way women do.

I believe you have mentioned your wife in other posts. What is her reaction?

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How does my wife feel?  Once I was diagnosed with Gynecomastia 5 years ago, she is the one that suggested and said all breast tissue needs support no matter how small.  She had me try on one of her cami's. They really didn't fit and that was the start of my search for the perfect support, which after growth, became a bra.  

She washes them as such, but she prefers not so see me in one of them. She has seen me in her cami and a few other pull over supports.

She does think I buy too many bras. More than her, but I am searching....


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