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I had a spectacular case of gynecomastia as a teenager and I had surgery about 10 years ago.  There has been some regrowth but no where near what I used to have.  Its funny I hated them so much but now I wish they were back and bigger than before. 

Do you have hair loss? You could use Finisteride. Kill two birds with one stone - get your hair and your boobs back! 
Developed breasts at puberty and had corrective surgery at age 57.

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I was actually thinking about that today walking in to work like these (bras) are supposed to contain me and yet I still feel them jiggling a little and my bras are quite tight now so I don’t buy in to the cups have room cause I’d be surprised if these fit by summer at this rate. But it is odd to feel them bounce a bit in a bra oddly oddly satisfying and proud.
PROUD Right on the mark Dude!!!  Stand tall, feet together, shoulders back, chest out, be proud. Feel like a man. More over stand mighty. As if to say: I have a chest that is bigger than the other guy. Makes me bigger and more powerful. I've got moobs and you don't.

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I too, love the weight, jiggle and sensitivity of my breasts.  It's still hard to wrap my head around those feelings, even after all these years.  I also get the "I wouldn't mind if they were bigger" thoughts.  I think the rationale is if my C's feel this good D's will feel even better.  It probably doesn't help that my wife loves playing with them and is always coming up behind me and cupping them. 


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