Author Topic: Life expectancy without hormone replacement?  (Read 5953 times)

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I'm 37 and have what maybe considered a slim above the waist. As I'm getting older my estrogen levels  are getting higher and I'm noticing I'm putting on some weight in areas where it is considered unhealthy for men. Is it true my life expectancy would be shorter than the average man?


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I am not a Doctor. I have never met you. Nor have I seen any pictures of your condition.

However, based on your posts, I believe the answer must be yes.

I hope I have been helpful.

Why do you even care about your life expectancy? Are you in a "who can live the longest contest"?

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Titmouse..  How are you doing with your TRT?  My doctor wants me to use the same stuff, and I will have to make a decision soon.  I was just reading that many men go off their TRT because it is evidently such a pain in the a**.  Are you finding it burdensome?

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After complaining to my GP about unusual fatigue, the tests he ran showed a rather low testosterone level.  This came, oddly enough, as both puzzling and expected.

Puzzling because I've never had a lack of sex drive, and never unable to achieve erection when needed.  I have plenty of physical strength, and typical male pattern baldness. 

Expected because it would explain gynecomastia since puberty, and certain personality traits. 

My internet research indicates males with low testosterone have lower than normal lifespan, makes me wonder if I should follow doc's recommendation and embark on TRT.  However, my endocrine profile is so much a part of me I fear changing it.

Anyone else in a similar boat?  What are the actual physical risks of low testosterone levels?

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Your particular Doctor may be well versed and possibly even have some specialized background in Endocrinology. The problem is that most Doctors do not have that kind of background and balancing the hormones is a delicate job requiring a bit of finesse.

I think that the price of a referral to an Endocrinologist would be money well spent.
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