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in an oncology department...
who deals with male / female breasts and breast growths, cysts, gyno, bla bla...

he examined my case completely...and came to a firm conclusion that my case in %90 fat %10 gland...
so, I am from here on out, going to keep an option of surgery far down the road... if I am in the position to, and if it eventually gets so bad that I cant live any longer without it.

but what I will not do... not at all. Is feel down about this.
 My wife doesnt care... and the adventurous erotique clubs (insert your term here) that we sometimes go to, have clearly shown me that other women dont care either.  ;D
I will not subscribe to a self-esteem killing view of trying to conform to a perfect world scenario of every one having a perfect body. But, like I said, in my experience, it just isnt worth it. I do just fine the way I am.


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Although you are becoming more comfortable with with your body. It doesn't quite seem as though you have accepted it. Just living with it until you can get rid of it. Am I wrong? If it didn't get any worse, would you get surgery eventually? Could you live the rest of you life with your chest the way it is?

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I could. If it stayed this way, I could live perfectly fine with it.
However, when I say I will think of surgery, it would be like a present to myself. A luxury. Not something I "need" to live.

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I don't know how big mine would have to get before real maliase set in. I would do it as a concession to decency. If it comes to that. But if they stayed as they are, even if they grew a bit larger, I would be fine with it. More than fine probably.

The thought of loss of any sensation to my nipples due to surgery makes me wary.
The thought of increased sensation if the gyne develops further, my consoling thought.
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I also would never consider a mastectomy ( although my doc has offered me it on NHS) Have you ever seen pix of those poor women who have had breasts removed? :(

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I love my breasts and they feel wonderful when they are massaged, no way I am doing surgery on them to take them away. if most everyone had one arm and insited that two arms was strange, would you cut it off. Heck no. it is a part of me and I love every inch of it.


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