Author Topic: I love my gynecumastia. Anyone else?  (Read 863 times)

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I’m not sure “love” is the word but I am fascinated with the whole bra experience. Been wearing real bras for just two months now and can honestly say I will, for the rest of my life, wear a bra.
In just two months my breasts, while no means pretty, pretty much standard man breasts (wide set and shallow) have rounded out a little, I think, as my bras do seem fuller after the swoop and scoop. I do want them to be nicer looking though and want bras that encourage comfort, support and a good shape.
I do look at myself in the mirror with a bra on and fret about how the bra and breasts look.
It’s so weird that I spent most of my life ignoring them and avoiding any situation that might reveal I have breasts to now, doing due diligence to not be too noticeable and yet having fun wearing a bra.
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Exactly the same Traveler... surprised that breasts that I felt the need to hide have become breasts I'm content to have on my chest... occasionally with a brassiere that puts everything where it belongs.  And yes, being aware of what they look like in a lovely brassiere is part of the journey.  I don't think I would ever say I love gynecomastia but at the very least I no longer hate the breasts that come with the package.  In fact, as the old Safeway commercial said... since we're neighbors, let's be friends... or since I have breasts, I think I'll enjoy them...

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...they all want to show me how to use push up bras and padded bras and I’ll say I don’t want big breasts but now I do !!! I want big breasts 👍
As i was exploring this world I found a website devoted to men trying to increase the size of their breasts.  Of course, I'd encountered men transitioning who were taking hormones and blocking testosterone to create breasts, but it wasn't clear whether the men here were transitioning or simply wanted breasts.  Needless to say this is a complex topic.  Personally, while I no longer feel shame over the fact I have breasts that have gotten bigger as I age, I'm not so smitten that I want them even bigger.  I like the option of going without a brassiere and my condition not being noticed.  I know I'm fortunate that I don't have back pain or nipple sensitivity that makes a brassiere necessary.  But I definitely have no judgments about where this leads men who are faced with the reality of having breasts to care for.  Have fun.

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Contrary to popular belief, not all women wear bras. Some women are the size they feel they don't need to wear a bra for many reasons. Some never develop breasts requiring support and they don't feel they need to have a prominent appearing breasts. To cover the nipples they may wear a snug fitting camisole or crop tank. Some small breasted women will wear pushup bras or put fillets in their cups to project more. And some women will feel they don't need support because their breasts are self supporting and perky and do not wear bras. Still others enjoy wearing bras for the different appearances and statements in fashion they can create with their bosom.

I found the same is true in men. You have men who have no breast tissue but will wear bras. Others have breasts but feel they do not need a bra. Others have breasts and do not like the feeling of the motion of their breasts when doing activities and wear bras all the time. Still others want to show their bosom off.

For the reasoning behind to wear or not to wear, women and men are not that much different. Nor should they be. It's a personal choice in the end.

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Very well said! I work with a couple of women who almost never wear a bra. They have almost to no breasts. They will wear a flimsy sports bra for work outs, to just have coverage and that's it.

They absolutely respect and understand why I wear a bra and the respect is mutual.  Its a matter of  "what makes you feel better?" Is it wearing a bra? Then you probably should be wearing a bra. Is it being braless because you don't have the amount of breast tissue to justify it? Then go braless!! Same thing goes for underwear and any other clothing. I have no problem with having breasts or needing to wear a bra. 
Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.

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If we have breasts, we might as well embrace and make the most of it


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