Author Topic: how to increase size of nips?  (Read 7697 times)

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any tips on how i can increase the size of my nips? They are out of proportion to my boobs & id like them to look better. ???
i read somewhere a "snakebite kit" can do this? Dunno what that is tho!


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you are so on the wrong forum lol.

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Try taking estrogen... That will do it!

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I agree this is a space for accepting gynecomastia not transforming oneself


Agree with that. I am sure there are body modification forums you can be a part of. There is a difference between acceptance and modification.
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snake  bite suction cups will do it for sure along with estrogren or  nipple pumps

What exactly are snake bite cups? ???

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This is slightly off topic btw. You would also find better luck on a forum dedicated to increased growth. We mostly focus on not having surgery and being comfortable the way you are.

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Be careful with those, the enlargement with the snake bit kits is permanent.


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