Author Topic: How old were you when you first tried wearing a bra?  (Read 1610 times)

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I was interested in how old everyone was when They first tried a bra for their Gyno.

I developed breasts at age 13. I was obviously very embarrassed in a school setting with constant harassment. The skins teem in gym class made it particularly obvious to everyone of my female like breasts and I am sure they enjoyed viewing them in sports action bouncing around like a girls breasts would.

Initially I did not even think about the idea of trying a bra on. But the constant comments that I needed a bra or "what was my bra size" made me start to wonder would I actually fit a bra and how did a bra feel. At home alone one day I had the thought of trying on my older sister's bras just to see what it would be like. My sister was old enough to have moved out already but she did leave behind a number of older clothing items including some bras. 

When I tried on the bras she had left, I was immediately amazed at how well my breast fit into and filled out the bra cups and gave me cleavage like a girls would have. I some how was very receptive to how it felt to wear a bra and discover that all those comments were right about me fitting into a bra. When I had a bra on I was strangely more satisfied or accepting of my breasts as a bra sort of gave them purpose and made them look good in my mind. As time went on with wearing a bra as much as I could, I also discovered I was more comfortable wearing one with the support it gave, less bounce, and less boob sweat. I quickly came to a point in my mind that I would be quite ok with having breasts and wearing a bra for the rest of my life, but for the obvious social pressures of other people finding out. I was in no way wanting to wear other girls cloths and I was happy as a male. I just had breasts and as such I found that I felt better and more comfortable in a bra.

As time went on I was able to wear a bra more often. Eventually my great wife commented that I needed a bra more than she did and and began to wear full time from then on. To my knowage, no one else have ever noticed my bras, although they would obviously notice my bust projection regardless of a bra.

Did anyone begin their journey into trying bras at a younger age due to onset of gyno. I know that ABWG here did and had the help of his mother to encourage him. That would have made my journey easier if I had had that "support".

If the bra fits, wear it.

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Thanks Blad! I was 12 when I started wearing a bra. My mother was did encourage me and gave me some hand me down bras from my sister to wear. I had gotten large enough when I was 16 that she insisted that I wear a bra full time. I agreed and told her that I would if she bought me my own instead of the hand me downs that no longer fit. I had my first fitting at JCPENNEY. 
Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.

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Mine developed gradually over a period of a few years, but they started getting uncomfortable at age 69.  After some trial and error, I found a bra style and size that works well and I have worn one every day for the past 3 years.  I was at a family reunion a while back and have the impression that increased breast size may be a family thing that kicks in as we age.  Cousin Fred should definitely be wearing a bra and my sister has gone up a size or two.

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59, last year.  The relief was amazing.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. You write and describe beautifully. I felt like I was there  


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I was 70 when I finally gave in after finally consulting my male doctor who suggested a bra.
O the comfort.
My only regret is the 10 years of discomfort and mental anguish before doing the obvious.

If you have  a bust it doesn't matter whether it is gyne or pseudo gyne it needs support.

My current rule of thumb is that if you find a bra that you fill without artificial padding you really need to think seriously about buying it.....and of course wearing it.

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14. I got one of my mother's bras from the laundry basket. While the band was too small I could almost fill the cups.

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13 or 14. Tried on my mom’s halter top and was surprised at how well it fit, I know I could pass the pencil test at 14. Didn’t try one again till about two years ago at 59, full time at a very young 61.

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I first put on a brassiere when I was 12 years old and it had nothing to do with gynecomastia... it was sexually acting out rooted in having been sexually abused as an infant.  My mother would rub my genitals with a piece of silk and the physical sensations were paired from infancy with the feel of silk.  I was searching for silky lingerie when I babysat for the neighbor and found a brassiere I put on.  The fact I developed gynecomastia around the same time was beside the point, though the lumps on my chest were a source of great shame throughout those early years.  I've crossdressed intermittently through my long life but I associate that with trauma, so despite my delight in brassieres, they became more relevant to me recently as my libido diminishes and my breasts increase in size.  I'm finding a new relationship with brassieres for comfort and control, but honestly it isn't completely divorced from the early trauma.  The simple fact that men DO wear brassieres, for whatever reason, is helping me to put the pieces together and find acceptance.  I'm grateful for that.


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