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Hi 28 year old male with breasts from side affects from my meds that i'm coming to enjoy the  only time i'm not wearing a bra is when sleeping back and sholders feel so much better for it still have the pain behind the nipples so i guess still growing already a 16-18 c(38-40) slow let gerptting used to them they are part of me so I might as well look after them with just another part of clothing. Also best way i've found to hide them is to wear a women top which is cut to fit the breast and that I get no strange looks at all they just blend in after is's all just clothing designed for people with breast it's only socitity that has dictated that it is only for women so bug#er it I have breast so what they are part of me i've delt with it and im happy where I am now tough tittys(no pun intended) ;D to any that disagrees



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