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Hey everyone. Happy new year to y’all. I just wanted to say it’s been a great year being here. I’m come and go depending on activity and what kind of activity is occurring here but it’s enjoyable when I do and even when I don’t to see the discussions going on. I have to say never in my life did I think I’d be a guy with developing breasts. I always figured guys who are obese are victim to that and even with that have an honest excuse that causes no one to look at them twice cause of their weight being obvious. I’m 5’11 180lbs and I began this year barely filling a 36a so much so I didn’t wear one cause it isn’t necessary and I wasn’t going to have a drawer of bras for the heck of it. But then March came and I got the soreness and months came after and long story less long I’m now filling my 34b bras that I do wear daily now entirely. And I’m at a point I feel they are just gonna keep going. And I honestly don’t care. And it’s because of you all. 
If my breasts keep growing idk how I’ll explain it to my wife or how it will effect things intimately or for our kid with swimming etc. but I do know I don’t care anymore cause I’m happy with my skin. I no longer wear tank tops under my shirts to try and compress not even to conceal my bras I wear regularly. I have come to enjoy wearing my bras and finding what shirts best fit to not show too much which is weird cause the same bra can show so much in one shirt and not at all in another lol. I no longer hide my bras in my drawer buried beneath socks praying my wife doesn’t find them. They are under things and others aren’t just depending on what laundry does what and if she finds them I’ll explain if not whatever. I no longer sleep with a shirt on and my wife even asked you’re not keeping a shirt on? I just say no cause I don’t care anymore. I no longer sleep buried beneath a blanket so when my wife who comes to bed later does, doesn’t see my cleavage and fullness of my chest and what it’s become. 
I am so comfortable in my skin at this moment and never thought I’d be saying this but I’m actually happy I have breasts. It makes me different and while it may come with its own obstacles and concerns at times I’m happy to see them and have them. I’ve come to appreciate them and appreciate a bra. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to openly wear one at the house and such but it doesn’t matter to me. 
I just want to say thanks to all the posts comments and threads here. Thanks for allowing myself and many others to accept their breasts and accept the reality and option of a bra and enjoy being a man with breasts. And thanks to the moderators who do a wonderful job. 

Sorry for the ramble I’m sure no one finished this lol. I was just in the bathroom at work washing my hands and noticed my shape and enjoyed it. And walking back to the office feeling my breasts move a bit and thinking damn I’m glad I have a bra on cause if I didn’t I wonder what they’d be like lol. 

Happy new year looking forward to this forum in 2021 


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If we are going to have breasts anyway then it is a good thing to come to be at peace with it. To become comfortable with wearing a bra daily if it feels better to do so.
If the bra fits, wear it.

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Having breasts is a very human thing. We all start out female in the womb. But due to sperm, that is the moment it is decided whether we will have XX or XY chromosomes. From there, chemistry along side chromosomes decides what features we have. We are blessed to know what both genders deal with and that doesn't make us freaks. It just makes us human.

I would rather be "female like" and wear a bra for support and comfort than flop around and be uncomfortable. Women have the "breast thing" figured out. All we have to do is look and see what they do. They have blazed the trail.

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May everyone enjoy the New Year.  

Most here are blessed with more than what we thought our contracts said.

Leave in the past that which is gone and dead.  Let look to the future for hope and wonder. 

Let us enjoy what we have and be blessed, and forgo that w
Lets care for and enhance and live life, enjoy and be rich in our own ways

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Amen to all that

And agree John. If these keep growing idk if I’d call myself blessed lol but it is quite incredible to know what they deal with in a sense. Mike are far from your size but they jiggle when moving they get in the way of my arms. It was nice weather last week and went golfing first time since the pandemic and have grown a cup size since then and had to adjust my swing lol. Finding the right shirt for the right bra. Dealing with the annoyance of straps needing adjusted or cups needing adjusted. 


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