Author Topic: First Time Outing Wearing A Bra  (Read 812 times)

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I don't think you need anyone to tell you you look better in a bra.

Pardon the the pun but if you show your wife the two pictures side by side she would have to agree that a bra bra would "make you stick out less in a crowd"

You are a very good advert for make bra wearing. Be proud and look after them.
Thank you! Little-by-little I'll get my wife use to seeing me in a bra (but not realizing I'm wearing one).

I need a couple more wireless bras to put into rotation. I'm thinking of stepping up their quality to Wacoal? Any suggestions?
My wife also wasn't thrilled that her man was sporting bras, but after a while of wearing around the house with shirts that showed my breasts and then a more modest look in public, she has gotten used to the girls appearing in public. It didn't happen overnight, but over time she doesn't even appear to notice.

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Mychal, There ya go.  I find most of the looks will come from the obvious poke.  An oversized chest on a man isn't as in obvious as the nipple being out there.

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can always try nipple petals. heroom where I get my bras has them as does pennys, kohls and target and walmart


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