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One of my breasts is noticeably larger than the other, probably a full cup size.  The larger one is a very full B cup.  How common is this?  I have been wearing a cheap sports bra for mountain biking and have been very happy with the results.  I have also noticed 2 different people (both women) who seemed to be sneaking looks at my chest so it may be time to take things to the next level.  How do you get a bra fitting when the girls are different sizes?  Size it for the larger one and hope the other one catches up?  How likely is it that the smaller one will catch up to the larger one, or at least keep up with it if they keep growing?  Not that I want to have big boobs but since having them seems to be inevitable, it would be nice to have a matched pair.  I have been looking mostly at T shirt and sports bras.  Is there anything in particular I should look for to deal with the different sizes?  Soft cups vs molded cups?  Thanks.


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I think that most of us (men and women) have asymmetric  breasts at least to some degree. I would recommend either a sports bra for compression or a good molded cup t shirt bra. Either method works good to equalize the girls. However, a bra makes breasts more pronounced. 
Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.

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Check out They have a "know your breasts" questionnaire that will help you find the right bra, and they also have a fantastic chat feature. I have used it several times and they are extremely respectful. I just started my conversations with the fact that I have gynocomastia and need help learning about bras. I have never felt like the person I was chatting with treated me any differently because I am a guy. They are very professional and extremely helpful, and their entire website is full of good information about the care and feeding of breasts and bras.
There are different types of "fillers" (also know as chicken cutlets) you can buy to help fill out the space left in the cup for the smaller breast. sells them as do Amazon and most other bra suppliers. My right one started out significantly smaller than my left, but it has pretty much caught up now, but not completely. I wear underwire bras exclusively, and most are Tshirt bras that have the molded cups. Mine are close enough in size that I do not need the "fillers", but I considered them at first.


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