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Kid is gonna wake up soon and my memory lasts five min lol so pardon me if I didn’t get through all the comments before commenting. But I will say I don’t feel comfortable showing my wife this site as an option for making my case. When I came to this forum like 3 years ago I was slightly budding and noticed the feel of tissue. Got freaked out saw doctor thinking the lumps were cancer it was breast tissue he identified it with the name gynecomastia and I found this site after several perverted ones like me wear bras and others were threaded through. This forum gave me peace of mind and made me feel like less of a freak. 
I’m 5’11 180lbs the idea of having breasts literally made me paranoid. I would ask friends how my chest looks thinking they were obvious even though then they were not even a full AA. This forum have given me understanding this [email protected]&$ happens to many of us. And that accepting it is not a bad thing or a thing to feel shame over. This site gave me a variety of life’s older younger fitter fatter married single etc who were dealing or dealt with what I feared I would. This forum gave me a plan and understanding if worst got worse. And it did. 3 years ago I couldn’t fill a AA cup not that I tried just my mind knew what my eyes made up. Now 3 years later. I feel my chest bounce jiggle and move if I run or go down stairs. It isn’t uncomfortable just I’m aware. My chest has gotten more pronounced and softer fuller and taken on a bit of a more rounded shape and 3 years ago without this forum if I was the size I am now I’d probably be taking the money I’m saving to re side the house and put it in to a surgeons account to buy his kid the new Christmas toys based on insecurities and shame I would feel based on those I don’t know don’t see and don’t cares reactions to a man with breasts. 
Because of this forum I’m proud of my breasts and even if they grow to be undeniably noticeable I won’t care. I don’t want it to but I welcome it if they grow more cause this forum has given me peace. I know if I get anxious of my wife hating my body which she won’t. Or family wondering this or that or taking my daughter swimming and wondering can I take my shirt off. I can and will and plan to cause this forum has shown me men of many walks of life who have walked through the emotional fire of having breasts and are doing just fine. Hell I’ve. Even wearing a bra every day the last 8 days to work at home etc and no one has said or pointed it out and that’s thanks to this forum. 
I also think the term breasts gets misconstrued when you are a man and finding out your body has “betrayed” you and developed some. When I was told I had gynecomastia and surgeons I saw in the beginning told me I’d be throwing my money away. I couldn’t escape the words breast tissue. I’m a dude I don’t have breast tissue. Not like a woman. But still I found myself on google image swiping through a cup b cup c cup breasts seeing the different size shapes and contours of breast sizes like is this what the f I’m gonna look like. I was paranoid as F. This forum gave me an understanding that this is ok, to have breasts and wear a bra. 
Though all that said I will say the last couple months has taken a turn of ransoms coming here who post once or twice and never seen again to stir the coals of obvious crossdressing and storylines of being groped by fitters and others of similar experiences delighting in playing with the mans chest and it’s like cmon unless one is like 14 anyone should be reading these comments like this is obvious fiction and fixation. But I don’t blame the people who come and go as the contaminant of this forum. But those who have contributed greatly entertaining the topics. If I showed my wife this forum it’s not the weirdos who are obviously polluting the forum I’m worried about. She’d see right through it. It’s those who have like tens to hundreds of comments who have become known users here agreeing with the fetishists and entertaining the topics I worry about and why I absolutely would not want her seeing this forum currently. And why I have become active to maybe once a week here. This forum has definitely gotten sideways. Maybe people are bored so they entertain the odd ones or maybe it has just become more intriguing to talk about being feminine than the topics that have been ran in the ground. Idk and I’m not here to judge this forum is just gotten to where it isn’t any longer one I see for myself at the moment. And can understand any new user who may immediately go finally a forum for me and do some digging and go nevermind. 


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