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I’m new in here. I have been diagnosed with gyno, and they are beginning to be very noticeable. I can’t afford surgery, and therefore I are forced to live with this condition, but living with them, is not the same as saying I like them.
My wife is very supportive towards me, she’s the only one knowing apart from my doctor.
Since I have to “keep” them I’ll need to take care of them also.

But since they still grow and are quite sore, I’m very interested in hearing from others who have come to accept that they are more endowed than a regular guy.
My current size is a large A near B, I fear how large they will get, since the larger the more difficult it might be hiding them.

I have been thinking about getting a compression vest, since I don’t want anyone noticing them when I’m out in the public.
They are embarrassing and are beginning to bounce I just hate it, and even more that I can't do anything about it.
My doctor will try prescribe me some medication to increase my Testosterone levels but it will apprantly not reduce whats gained.

I would be happy to hear from others who have come to acceptance and how they cope with daily life, do you just let them show or do you hide as I plan to do? What are your experiences ?

I'm not in the stage in my life where I want to take pictures and show them in public - sorry.
Help please.

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Well it's hard to describe, however I think "tolerate" is in fact the nearest term that comes to my mind.
In the start when I was first diagnosed with, at first I just thought it was due to massive weight gain, and started to exercise doing a lot of cardio, I lost weight but not where I most would have liked it, "they" did not shrink at all - I think they in fact gained size.
At first I just couldn't understand what was going on, but finally I visited my doctor explaining what I have done and the results. He examined me, felt on my chest and so, and then I got the verdict, I have Gynecomastia.
Quite a shock then and especially because he told me that they where still growing, due to their tenderness, still today I feel sore and have a big lump behind the nipple.

It took me quite a few years to come to a sort of "acceptance" or "tolerating" having them, but I must say despite the years, it wasn't easy doing so, I owe very much this to my wife. She always supported me, at first it was indeed awkward being naked in front of anybody, including my wife and I always wore a T-shirt even when we where intimate.

The easiest way for me was to get surgery, however since we have mortgage, kids and many other expenses as a normal family does have, I was stuck, we couldn't afford me to have surgery.
From there on I had to somehow learn to "accept" what I got, and once again my wife came to me, she suggested that instead of hiding at home as I did when I was out, wearing layers of loose clothe, I should learn to deal with them. From thereon it was like life slowly began to be easier. And as a result I started being naked as before when we was intimate. At first it was embarrassing but she taught me how to come to terms with what I got.  However Since I'm not proud and never will be, of what I got, I don't want anybody to notice, and yes - as times go by, it becomes more and more difficult doing this.
As mentioned due to my own privacy, I don't want to show any pictures because first it can easily be misunderstood. There are other sites where men can enjoy, but not here.
I do however need advice how to hide them effectively when going out. I have a great job and don't want anyone to see the enlarging bulges on my chest.

I really hope to meet others who for one reason or another have to deal with mother natures way of doing things.

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Google "compression shirt" or "gynecomastia shirt" and there will be a wealth of places that sell the shirts that hide your condition.  Ads at the top of the page here on also carry compression shirts. 

I got a compression shirt from Underworks (style #997) and I'm happy with it, but if I had it to do over again, I would probably either get a little bigger tank top shirt, or get one that isn't quite so much compression. 

You want it to compress, but you don't want it to be so tight that it's uncomfortable, otherwise, you won't wear it and you've wasted your money.  You have to remember that even if you buy a size bigger than your actual chest size, it's still going to be compressing your chest and it will be much more comfortable.  Remember, you have to step into these shirts and pull them up, not put them on over your head like a regular shirt. 

I would highly recommend buying a tank top style, as it cannot be seen at all under your shirt.

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I agree on the "compression shirt".

Before I finally started on a regular exercise schedule (and 30 years before that) I just learned what I could wear to mask them and would wear different layers. Plus looking back I suppose I gained weight to hide them as well. After I decided to change my life and start exercising (thought they would go away - they didn't, as you have discovered), I discovered compression t-shirts and they seemed to work great. They feel a little binding at first but at least for me, the tighter the better now. Added advantage is that they protect my nips when my shirt gets wet (dry wicking) and now I cannot work out without them. If you look around you can find them pretty cheap (ie ~10-15 each).     


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