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Those who I have had exchanges with over the last few years (Posts which have been relegated to “Guest” status by the wonders of the New Look site) will know that my wife has been very supportive following the Doc’s advice to wear a bra for my Gyno. Almost as supportive as the said garment itself. We have shared bra shopping for some time and she “borrows” my bras  - hasn’t worked the other way  though even though  we are the same size!

On return from a couple of days away I was shocked that she had somehow enlisted help  to move all the wardrobes out of the bedroom into a spare room, that I am now informed is the “Dressing Room”.
All bras and undies, tops and shirts etc etc, are now well organised and integrated ted and  I am told that EVERYTHING is “Ours” – no more "His" and  "Hers” –trousers  excepted where leg length dictates.  Quite a shock as we are both very conservative in our views or at least we were.
I have quite a few womens’ clothes on the basis of comfort and fit to accommodate my changing shape, but this blew my mind as to how far she had come in her thinking.
At present I am having to think out all the implications of this and no way want to move the wardrobes back. I am not sure how much practical difference it will make in the long term but it sure takes acceptance to a new level.
I have never flaunted myself but it has been interesting that some observant friends have made the odd comment such as “Isn’t that the top I saw your wife wearing a while back” and vice versa we just say yes and usually a friendly smile is the only we reaction we seem to get. It always seems more like envy than judgement. They seem to notice this more than the fact that I wear a bra! 
I am enjoying our new Dressing room and the conversations and suggestions I get as we prepare for each day!

50 years of marriage and I am still finding out how little I know about the person who has stuck by me through all the problems I wouldn't have had if I hadn't married her!!

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I too find that in some ways my wife is still a stranger. She is 78 and I am 83, but she still sometimes throws me a curve ball.  

In some odd way, that makes her all the more interesting.
Grandpa Dan


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Agreed Paa_Paw
To love is to change. Living without change isn't really living at all! 
Partnership gets more intriguing with the years.
A truly God given adventure for those with eyes to see 

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When I got over the wife's death and my surgery that left me wit a bag stuck to my stomach for 5 and 1/2 month and the lose of 28 pounds I was looking for  pair of short that fit I stumbled on  pair that did but something seemed wrong with them.  When I took them off that night I discovered they were a women size 10 p and it was the same for pants. And since I have continued to loose weight I am finding women's clothes fit better.


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Clothes are clothes are clothes. They either fit or they don't.
I go for those that fit whatever label the manufacturer chooses to put on them.
Clothes are genderless NO ONE refers them as "he" or "she" as opposed to "it" or "they" .
As I don't and won't flaunt myself , I do find myself hoping for alot more choice in less floral materials.

Bras tend to be quite rightly be the main topic on here but hormonal changes transform more than chests!

I am totally convinced that a lot more of us men would wear bras, without all the agonising we often witness on this forum, if they were available in the mens aisles of all stores. We need to lobby the commercial  world.
Perhaps shops should not have a distinct mens and womens department but  arrange stock so there is buffer zone where genderless and unisex items are displayed + accomodate those of us who by medical need or just personal choice want to  cross over at least for some items.

I believe  Doctor's in the know such as those who are on this site and elsewhere are ideally placed to lobby and educate the wider population.
Perhaps they would like to take up the torch!

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when  I got my breasts 2.5 years ago at age 32, I wore my wife's tops and bras exclusively because we back then we had the same size breasts, 32B. But as you've pointed out, there have been other changes to my upper body in addition to growing breasts. I've  gradually seen my ribcage / arms/ upper body  shrink to 30B over time so now my wife's bras are too big cause she has a larger rib cage and than me so I've been buying my own bras. I wear her tops, camis, halters, and women's tank tops around the house braless, but I wear women's sleeveless blouses when I'm out in public cause they are more unisex appearing.
Like you, I get the odd comment such as "from the rear you and your wife look like sisters!"  That's because we're built the same due to my noticeable muscle loss over the last 2 years, all in my upper body. my wife has broader, more athletic looking shoulders and outweighs me by eight pounds, but her tops still fit me reasonably well.
I'm still growing and expect  I'll fill a C cup in a year or so. Then, she'll inherit my collection of tops and bras. 


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Just for the record, this is not the case for cross dressing as usually conceived,  just a matter of being sensible.
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Agreed. Even if there were simply sports bras in men’s aisles it would alleviate so much stigma for men who may need want or wish they could wear one without the insecurity of public and personal squinty eye judgment of others we know and don’t. Even if men had bras that had guns or camo or beer mugs or some other cliche bs male macho design to it I think it would be HUGE to allow men to feel safe and women to feel comfortable with their men wearing one. Kudos on your wife being so evolved on the dress code at home and out and closet. I am only 34 and feel by 74 my wife is absolutely insanely accepting but to accommodate my wardrobe with a blouse or trousers or panties and bras or other very comfortable attire that is designed for women would be never ok. At this point of life it isn’t even cross dressing or a thought of to me. It is simply women’s clothing is just much more comfortable. It fits better it feels better looks better and is better than typical male fashion. I applaud your wife’s forward thinking and acceptance and relationship that you are comfortable with her decision and your options for clothing that make you comfortable in and out of house. My breasts are still growing and I hope one day my wife is as accepting as yours 


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Hi Dude
As I have said in my post we are / were very conservative in our views.
Asked at your age whether we would ever be where we are now it would have been complete anathema to both of us.
Never ever say never. I could not have foreseen the arrival of the dressing room even 6 weeks ago.!
Best wishes to you both

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