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The obvious assertion in many of us is insecurity. Almost always there is a few threads per page mentioning scared of parents or public perception. It's understandable and well aware amongst all that men looking in bra section equals pervert or gay to women according to us, and it just isn't true. I'm only an A cup and honestly could go without a bra but I enjoy them for comfort as I'm an avid runner and drive a forklift often for work. So for me it's about comfort vs support even though they continue to grow and i fear for support may be near future. Anyways...
I went today to get some new bras 2 every day and a new sports bra. And when I went in I typically know exactly where my under 10 bucks bras are and know the color tag indicating my size. It's typically really quick to get in out no one saw me. But today I spent a good 25 minutes looking through and at bras of various styles and comforts and while I really enjoyed some and spent time debating to get this one or that one before going with cheaper ones for now I realized there were 4 women 2 older one middle and one my age (27-32) and not one time did I feel like I was being gossiped about or them calling me gay or pervert in their heads wondering why I'm in their sacred land of lace and padding. I say all this irrelevant rambling to say this. No one gives a damn except you and if you do look up and see them quickly turn from observing you then just tell them it's for your SO as cliche as it is my 2nd time buying a bra a woman noticed my rushing and asked if I needed help and said I'm looking for my wife her bra wire broke last night and she really enjoyed it so I looked at the tag for size and brand and am trying to get a replacement. The lady complimented me and actually said i wish more men left their insecurities at home and brought their security here to do more things for their wives. Then helped me find a bra for "my wife I am married but still...

So I know being an a cup I'm not terribly noticeable and others are b c d cups and more on 36 to 38in bodies that absolutely show braless or bra worn. But in the end the only opinions we should consider are our own and not those who don't understand. Pardon I'd this makes no sense im at the gym and just wanted to toss this out to those who may be dealing with discomfort of body due to discomfort from societal views.


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Thank you for writing this, steven618! You are absolutely right! People don't care nearly as much as we think they do about where we're shopping or whether or not we're wearing a bra. I'm glad I finally figured that out! I, too, peruse the ladies section at Walmart to check out what's on sale in my size. Unfortunately, in a band size 38 most of their selection begins with C cup and I need a B, but once in awhile I find something I like that is my size. I'm always ready with that "buying it for my wife" story, but someday I hope to just say, "Yes, it's for me. I have gynecomastia and I need a bra" and go on about my business. 


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Thanks! And agree I don't think anyone really cares or thinks twice about it or if they do it's simple as that, they think twice and keep it moving. I thought about wearing a bra simply to see if anyone really does care as at 5 11 and 180lbs in a bra with my normal t shirts it's quite apparent that there is a bra from the cups even in my padless. Seamless and wireless are fairly invisible but I can still see where it pushes in to my skin and outline of it in my shirts though I don't think anyone else does as I am looking for it and otherwise it is unseen. My hope is my wife to find them or notice it and jist accept it as imagining the discussion and the grief on her face intimidates me. I don't think she'd mind long as they were like barely there bras that are like tank tops and neutral colors but her discfort with the idea of her man in a bra still is a familiar image from a couple years ago when I told her I wore them before I quit wearing to compromise her lack of attraction with the idea. She has told me "I don't mind just freaking pick one, wear them or don't, dont tell me you won't and then start again!!!" I think it's more of a frustration of my indecisiveness than anything else as she did tell me before that she understands why I feel the need if they hurt or are sore. But anyways most of my tangents end on these notes and I apologize I just have no where else to ventilate it. But yes I don't think anyone publicly really cares 

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My wife hates me wearing a bra even though she knows I need one but strangely enough if I go looking for a bra and find one she likes and it is in both our sizes she is more than happy to buy it. One day I came home and had just bought a nice lace underwire with lace underneath and was expecting a problem but the first words out of her mouth were "Did you shop for me". I knew right then I had to back to Dillrd's the next day and try and find the same style bra for her and luckily I did.  She was happy so I was happy.   Otherwise she would have given me Holy Hell. Do not ask me to explain it as I am not a woman.  Even after my mammogram today when they gave me a info pack on gynecomastia she didn't have much to say, So we still go shopping together but I try to look for bras for her and then look for the same bra for me.  PS. she still loves the first bra nd panties I bought for her at Dillard's and another bra and panty set we bought together at Wal-Mart.  She even tells me when she is wearing the Walmart set so I don't wear mine the same week so she won't get them mixed up.  we have a strange relations ship when it comes to bras. But I live with it. I just bought one from Yandy and told her I was going to buy the same one for her but they did not do it in her size and she seemed happy with that.  Can't buy what they don't have.
If you got them flaunt them.  We all wear bras so wear what you like and to hell with the rest.


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