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I measured my chest area (the biggest part which happens to include across my nipples) with a cloth measuring tape used to measure for clothes fitting.  My chest measured 45 inches.  So I bought some of the XL (supposed to fit size 44-47) chest compression undershirts from Underworks.  I had a very hard time getting it on, and when I did, it took me 5 minutes to take it off.  It was like I had bought a 2x small t-shirt (with super strong chest material of course).  I thought I was going to have to cut it off. 

I wear size XL regular t-shirts and they are usually fairly loose on me.  I am 6-2 220 pounds and have a slender build, I just have puffy nipples and gynecomastia of course.

Anyway, because of this I have no idea what size to buy.  The bigger size up or 2 sizes bigger?  And of course if you need anything bigger than XL, its $6 more per shirt, plus the amount I will have to spend to send it back. 

Just a warning to yall. 


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You should try the brand "PBX PRO" they are only about $8-$12 and they are really good
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Thanks for the warning.

I couldn't find PBX Pro anywhere, where are they sold?


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