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I've just received my first three concealer t-shirts from underworks, as mentioned in the thread title, and I'm finding that the strength and density/thickness of the shirts are too much for my needs. My gynecomastia, I feel, doesn't warrant quite a strong shirt; to be honest, I didn't think they would be quite this intense. My question then, for anyone who has perused Underworks compression garments catalogue, is whether some of the other shirts are not quite as thick. I am still looking for chest compression, just something that isn't so strong and something that is a little thinner. I tend to wear thin materials and fitted clothes, and am fairly active - I'm concerned that these shirts may not fit my lifestyle (ie, I'll get too hot). Has anybody used the Cotton Concealer Compression V-neck t-shirt? How does it compare to the Microfiber Concealer Crew Neck T-shirt.

If anyone has purchased various products from Underworks, and has any information on some of the other compression garments, I seek your advice.

Thank you kindly in advance. And props to these forums, they are a terrific source of information.


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I bought some sleeveless under armor compression shirts a few weeks back. I only wore them a few days before I got my surgery, but I wish I would have discovered them earlier. They are super thin, comfortable, and they keep you cool. I bought mine a size or so too small. They sell them at most sporting goods stores. They're not an extreme source of compression, but they do help out a lot. I was able to wear one less layer than normal, and I felt a lot more confident in them. Hope that helps.

Here's a sample of them:
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How strong? I use the underworks 997 and love them... but the site says this is the strongest they offer.. i'm giddy thinking about it. If you want something good, try the underworks 997. if the one you have is stronger, then you will definately love this one.


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