What type of garment do you wear normally/the most to ether hide and or enhance?

gynecomastia vest
2 (15.4%)
compression shirt
4 (30.8%)
3 (23.1%)
sports bras
1 (7.7%)
other typical bras
3 (23.1%)
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 11

Voting closed: September 12, 2008, 12:48:21 AM

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Yeah compression shirts are the worst they suffocate you it feels. 44D is quite large. You should definitely be looking in to sports bras if you want a garment but don’t want a BRA bra. Bras have their stigmas and concerns with men wearing and understandably so. But if your breasts are that large then I feel everyone already knows they are there. May as well give them the support they are screaming for and put them in a nice comfortable bra or sports bra. I wear t shirt and Demi bras cause they are low padding and give my breasts a nice flush look instead of projecting to the world I also look for bras with slider adjusters on the top or front of the strap for better hiding. The hooks and bands on the back I don’t care about unless I am pulling my arms forward like some macho man muscle flex the shirt even fitted shirts are not showing the details of that.
I wear a comfort bra for work so they satay hidden a bit more and they are designed like a tank top so straps and such don’t show anything odd. And if I am about and about I wear my 34b t shirt or Demi bras and they show off a projection and roundness but they aren’t in your face so I don’t think people see them for anything more than just maybe some man boob. 
Compression sucks give your breasts some breath 


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