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Hi everyone.   I’ve been wearing a bra daily for almost 6 months and it’s been a great experience.   Now that the warm weather is arriving and I’m thinking about swimming and pools.   Generally I don’t have a problem taking off my shirt in public and getting in the water.  I will tend look around to see if “ the coast is clear” before I quickly take off my shirt and get into the water fast.  I’ve been looking for Tankini that are moreover unisex, but not having any luck.  Any recommendations?


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Have you considered men's shapewear designed for this purpose?  Underworks comes to mind:  It of course depends on how you want to present and what you are comfortable wearing, but womenswear will generally tend to accentuate/enhance particular male body styles, much like a bra would.  The typical plunging necklines of such garments are also distinctly feminine.

I guess it would boil down to what you want here.  If you are looking to conceal and not "raise eyebrows" per-se, my advice would be to look towards men's shapewear that is designed for swimming, or at least won't be damaged by it (i.e. a men's T-Shirt and trunks over a compression garment).  If you are cool with having a more female body type and don't mind potentially drawing attention to that, wear whatever the heck you want to.

MIMAN's pictures are nice, I'd wear that top under a T-shirt while swimming with my immediate family for sure -- the arm holes are so big it looks very comfortable, but I wouldn't do it in public.  The neckline and the racerback are dead giveaways that it was intended for a women, and they will definitely show under a shirt.

Whatever you're comfortable with.  To hell what anyone else thinks.


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