Author Topic: Sport garments and tailor?  (Read 2578 times)

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I got a few garments from underworks and nike. The thing is they are all good but when i wear a t-shirt over them they are visible since they go a little up the neck, higher than the t-shirt, so i tought i could go to the tailor to shorten the area around the neck (to avoid uncomfortable questions), but im not sure is it a smart idea? would it ruin the garment since it is made from a special material (i guess). what do you guys think? anyone had it done yet?


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Well thats something I thought about too, and my friend who has gyno, wears under armor, which works good for him...and of course the under armor shows but he just says "Oh I wear this instead of undershirts, or they keep me cool" works for him all the time...
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