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What about sport bras?


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Some guys like sports bras. I don't. Except for my panache sports bra. I find sports bras very uncomfortable. I will typically wear a bra 16 to 18 hours a day everyday. With guys, bras are all about give and take and compromise. I found my best balance with a molded, under wire cup. I need the underwire for support and the molded cup provides nipple concealment. And the right t shirt bra will be almost undectable under the right top. I wear a 38E/F bra so I require a lot of support. T shirt bras are my choice.
Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.

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I'll wear a sports bra to sleep in, sometimes during the day, but really I don't care for it.  It is a Nike Combat Compression sports bra.  I hate the band getting wet with sweat, I will get sores there from it if I don't get a dry bra in there. 

I like the compression, but I don't like the comfort that much.  It serves a purpose, but I like my Full Coverage and Minimizers better.


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Personally I like full support! I also wear my bras all day, from the time I get up till I go to bed and depending on the manufacture I need a 46G or H cup so it's full support for me!

I sleep bra free though, and some days I even go without for awhile but I find I don't last to long anymore.

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I found sleeping in a sports bra helped my carpal tunnel symptoms at night.  Not complete solve, but it helped my numbness in my hands and arms.  I just had carpal tunnel surgery in both hands over the last 2 months, so it is much better there, but I don't like sleeping without something though.  In summer when it is warm out, sports bra, winter, compression top.   


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