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Just a little up-date, we have finally registered the Trade Name for our men's product.

The name of our new product designed exclusively for men is SportsVest and we have finalized the design (I am wearing the final prototype now and have found it very comfortable, I have recommended a few minor adjustments to the seams and stitching). We have selected a manufacturer and the fabrics, so hopefully will go into production shortly.

Just a little about what it actually takes to make one of these SportsVests. The garment has no less than 19 different components all sewn together, each piece must be assembled and sewn in a specific order, there a 6 different types of stitching each performed on a different sewing machine.

To begin with we will be offering

40 inch band = 101.60 centimeter’s
44 inch Band = 111.76 centimeter’s
48 inch Band = 121.92 centimeter’s
52 inch Band = 132.08 centimeter’s
56 inch Band = 142.24 centimeter’s
60 inch Band = 152.40 centimeter’s

Front Zip with fabric locking tabs top and bottom in white and black.

The cup will be based on a volumetric size which each man will determine, there will be instructions, drawings, downloads and videos to assist in getting the right fit. We are not using molded cups, the object is to minimize the overall breast size. The shoulder straps are wide, adjustable and long enough, unlike a woman's bra and will stay in place, they will not slide down the slope of a man's shoulders.

You will notice that there is 4” (10.16cm) between the sizes, this is because we have designed a garment with 2 zippers in front set 1’ (2.54 cm) apart

Our goal is Concealment, Comfort and to be a unique garment for men.

Our new SportsVest will have 4” (10.16cm) side panels which are made of a strong high compression fine weave mesh for strength and breathability. The side panels are also tapered which pushes the excess tissue under the arm towards the front. While under normal circumstances this would increase the apparent projection which we are trying to avoid the front panels and cup design will spread the tissue out after a few minutes of moving around.

The effect is to create the appearance that you have larger pectoral muscles verses breast tissue. The SportsVest Will be all but invisible under anything but a tight “T” or Polo shirt.

Target price will be $49.95 USD and initially there will be 2 solid colors, Black and White. All orders will be by telephone or internet and shipped within a day via First Class Mail. Any orders within the U.S. will shipped for free, international orders will be dependent on weight. All orders will be followed up by an e-mail with the date and time of shipping as well as a tracking number. Returned garments may be exchanged for a different color or size or a refund but must be in “As New” condition with all tags and packaging.

Our website currently is under construction.



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