Author Topic: Shaving the boobs.... Anyone?  (Read 1901 times)

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I really like the smooth feel, but in my case it takes daily maintenance. I asked my wife which she prefers. She said either smooth or hairy, but not in-between. Stubble, yikes.

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My wife and I aren’t intimate much but my chest has definitely become more breast than chest and with that I can’t help but think of if I was intimate with my wife and her breasts had hair how that would be like. So that keeps me in check to stay shaven and smooth to ensure when we are and she is intimate with that area of me that she isn’t working around any hair. I’m sure my wife isn’t fond of seeing my breasts or feeling my chest and feeling their continued growth and I often wonder when she grabs them is she thinking to herself why are these getting bigger. So anything to keep the experience of intimacy more enjoyable and less gross for her cause if I was a woman I surely wouldn’t be too excited about seeing these on my man.  


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