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I am 83 years old and I can fill a 44b. Even so, I rarely wear one in public because a bra increases projection which I do not like. 

3 years ago I had a triple bypass and the after effects of the surgery may cause me to change my ideas about wearing a bra on a regular basis.

I had several complications that could have been listed as a cause of death including a severe case of pneumonia. The initial sternal repair was the usual figure 8 wires. With all the coughing, my sternum separated and fragmented such that at month after the coronary bypass I was in surgery again for a sternal fixation. Five plates and a lot of screws later, I finally went home..

The upper half of the sternum eventually fuse but the lowe half did not. The bone fragments are at time quite mobile. The movement is sometimes negligible but attimes it can be painful. 

About a year after the syrgery I developed a subzyphoid incisional hernia. I have consulted a surgeon about a hernia repair but he is not optimistic about a successful result given the mobility of the various bone fragments.

I have tried an athletic bra and it does help with limiting the movement of the bone fragments. The band though is not wide enough to compress the area of the hernia..

The next step would be to try a front closing long-line bra.

Given the fact that I am not a good candidate for a surgical repair, the long-line bra seems to be my best option.

I am wondering if anyone here has a similar set of challenges and how well a long-line bra might work for me.

Grandpa Dan


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I broke my collar bone years ago and fractured my sternum and a couple ribs on the left side of myself in an accident and when I got to a b cup I felt significant pulling on my collar bone. Not all the time but enough and often enough to go well that wasn’t like that before. So I have not else much to chalk it up to but my boobs. And the front closure bras helped a lot for me. If you have mobility issues due to things I think the front works wonders in comfort and getting situated. I find the front closing bras there’s never any scoop and swoop needed I just scoop them in when fastening the clip. 

I’m glad you’re doing well after all that. And think the front closing bras will be a great addition for comfort ease and use 


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Hi Paa

Sorry for your problems, which being honest I have no real knowledge of but the following is offered in case it might help re bra and sternum.
Having tried front opening longline bras in my early days as a fully sidned up member of the "brotherly bra society". I have to say that I found them very uncomfortable after minimal wearing  - even ones with a single closure and the more closures the more tricky to close and guide breast tissue at the same time.

I wondered whether in the US they have what we in the UK term High apex bras. These are very supportive and  are available with and without wires and with various thickness bands and numbers of closures and either formed or very soft but shaped cups.
Below is a link to a type I wear made  by Marks and Spencer.
The bad news (??) is they usually have a fair bit of lace. The one in the link which is typical of many has very soft cups with minimal comfort padding . Laterally the curved, shaped bands of solid material (not stretch)  together with underwire cup  the breast gently and support without pushing up. Most of these bras are dcescribed as increasing cleavage but they seem to achieve it without noticeably increasing projection which I know you are not keen on. I don't flaunt what I have got, but usually do wear styles that increase projection a bit.
Hi apex are my "go to bras" when wanting to be deliberately discrete .I like them so much I bought 3!
You may find something similar and will at least give control and keep your sternum more comfortable
The metal at the gore of the bra is just an adornment/branding that can be snipped off!
I hope this helps or a least stimulates thought - if not, forget it

Best Wishes
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Have you ever considered Victorian or medieval era Stays (like a corset but its not) and you could also get away with combinations it's a chemise bodice and open gusset drawers that are attached as one. You step into it and button it up. These are made almost exclusively of cotton or quality linen. And they can be made to support the breasts with or without Stays.

Only reason I bring it up is I am making my own set. These are ideally made for women but the bottoms can be used like male boxers except you dont have to remove them at all for bathroom use.  I have 1 bottom I made up a month ago and I am working on a full piece in the 2nd month of design. These are typically very well made. And mine are very comfortable I could live mine. Made from a bed sheet.

They can be bought but are very expensive.



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