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Ordered a couple maidenform bras the other week and they came in within about 5 to 7 days and they are just insanely comfortable and clips of the straps are typically on the front but still have the clasps on the back for the hooks but they are wire free and the pushups are comfy but i tossed the push up cause it was just too projecting but the regular bras are just wonderful and on ebay i got them for 12 dollars each id def look in to them if anyone is seeking an affordable qauality comfortable bra, still wish i could wear them daily with the wife but i know she wouldnt be ok with it so i typically just rock it when im at owrk in the gym or alone at home as in my tank tops if she saw the straps she'd be like ummmmm wtf but still very comfortable bra



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As the old saying goes, if the the shoes fits wear it, but in this case if the bra fits!

I'm sure blesses with a wife and daughter's that were telling me to go for a formal fitting before my doctor ever did, and I was wearing bras for years long before that and they encouraged and understood it as well!

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By seeing your pics you seem to be about the same size as me.                Have you considered the Ahh bra? They seem to work well for me in most situations.

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hello I have the same issue with the wife sports bras are ok with her but holly heck if she see one with adjusters or clasps. I do have a front zip sleep bra and she is ok with that at this point I am still growing and a, almost a C cup.

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I recently started wearing the Bali minimizer underwire bras for the usual reasons (46C/D) and it reduces me about a full cup size. It does provide firm support and keeps the "assets" where they belong. They also have wide set cups for those of us who have wide set breasts. I did notice that they run a touch smaller than I would expect. I measure 44 under breast and 49 over breast which should make me a 44DD but that does not take into account any muscle or fat under our arms, which throws the measurement off. By getting the 46 D, I am very comfortable with all the support I need and not a lot of projection. Be well all!


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hello I have the same issue with the wife sports bras are ok with her but holly heck if she see one with adjusters or clasps. I do have a front zip sleep bra and she is ok with that at this point I am still growing and a, almost a C cup.

I def hear ya there. My wife is not keen on flip flopping so im just nervous on even her knowing i own bras much less seeing or feeling me in one. Cause she knew i wore some for comfort before. Then we got married and she said all this bra stuff is over right? I said sure cause i hadnt grown in a while and now 9 months in my breasts have went from fleshy to damn near a b cup. I have some racer back bras with clasps on the back which i didnt mnow till aftee i bought them at walmart and def wasnt gonna return them lol. But my fear is her anger at why i said it was done and now im wanting to wear them again. Sure the reason is legit but lets face it women being women she is not going to understand and go ok sounds good babe lol she came in the other day when i was getting in the shower and i damn near tripped jumping in quick to hide the obvious markingd of the forbidden bra imprints lol. My wife is crazy amazing and accepting but i still worry my ass off

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Steven618, I would advise that you have a sit down chat with your wife and work this out ASAP. 
 I have been married for more that 40 years, and when my doc suggested some years back that I think about providing some support to my growing breast since I ruled out removal of them, I took the opportunity to take some pics of my chest, down load pictures from this site, as well as some of the discussions, and had that sit down mtg prior to actually going forward with wearing a bra.
While she was not in favor of it at the time, she eventually agreed and now is accepting of this.  She understands the reasons why I wear bras now, similar to why years ago, I had to start wearing medical support pantry hose for my poor veins. 
Give your wife the benefit of the doubt, and chances are she will support you in your choice-above all, do not keep this from your wife, she is your life partner!

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My wife and daughter are both accepting. My wife was a bit freaked out at first. However, it was her that first suggested a bra because I was sore. Explain to her why you need a bra. I wish you the best of luck with that.
I agree the Maidenform's are comfortable. I also find the Body by Victoria line demi are comfortable also. Yes, Ebay for the win! $15.40 with shipping for a store return bra.

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I wore maidenform for a while as well as panache and great. All of which I liked slot. About a year ago I discovered Natori and Fantasie bras. The Fantasie bras are especially generous for wide set breasts. Most days, I find myself wearing my Fantasie bras. They seem to have it all comfort, fit, and support. 
Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.


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