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I look best in winters with hoodie, sweaters or sweatshirt. It makes my stuff hidden & i feel normal in public. But i hate summers cuz whatever i wear, people stare like they have seen some alien or what. I hate that look.
What people see has a lot to do what you wear.  If you are wearing fitted or tight shirts, of course your bra will stand out.  I wear a bra all the time - the Tshirts I buy are of a larger size that I could wear, are of heavier material and some have either writing or a picture on them.  All go to lessen the possibility of the bra showing.  I have been wearing so long that I really don't care that people may be able to see the straps, adjusters or the band but I don't flaunt it by wearing tight or thin shirts.  I do like to wear racer back, front closing bras which minimizes the bra showing in the back.

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Agreed ^ 
I’m 5’11” and 190lbs I’m not heavy by any means in regard to a belly or anything but depending on the bra and shirt it is quite noticeable what is there. I tend to still wear standard workout shirts that are form fitting but not tight and not too thin. Basically just regular shirts. And I find no issue with my bust showing with a bra. Mind you I’m a full 34B so those with c d and so forth probably have much tougher times but my breasts I find as they have filled the cups completely and taken away the indention of the bras where space was at has instead provided a smoother profile and while the cups are fairly easy to notice from various angles the overall profile doesn’t really give any wtf moment when in a mirror or in public when observing those passing by. 

I would say a professional fitting isn’t necessary but a proper fit is. So know your size know your style know your breasts. Know what suits you and your closet. The right bra and wrong bra can be the same bra just different brands. I find bras with adjusters that fit me best when near top of shoulder or the front are much better at hiding the hardware. The back hooks don’t bother me so much nor does the band of the bra or straps. The underwire neither cause for me a good fitting bra may show shape but it doesn’t show attention if that makes sense. 


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